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I am a registered nurse, who became disabled in 1998 because of a severe connective tissue disease. Since becoming ill, my whole life has changed, not only because of my chronic illness, but, more importantly, because of my deeper relationship with the Lord. He has blessed me by getting me back in touch with my creativity, and imagination, and I believe we should use all of our talents to honor Him.

About a year after I became ill I wrote and published my testimony of how the Lord protected me and gave me strength to endure losing my health and my chosen profession, and how he delivered me from an addiction to pain-killers. My deliverance from drug addiction came quite a while after I "got clean". I hope my story will help others who have or are going through trials like mine, who don't know the Lord. Click on the link to my Bookshop below to learn more about my book, Soul Survivor.

I have been a Christian believer for many years and have recently found out that I am Jewish. The Lord has revealed much to me about the Hebrew roots of my faith through studying the Old Testament. I have grown to love Israel and as a result of that love I began to design my tabrets, banners and t-shirts. I believe God's Word that the lost tribes of Israel will be returned to the land (this prophecy is already being fulfilled every day!), that Ephraim (including true believers in Christ's Church) and Judah (the Jews) will know that they are brothers, and that Israel will be restored to its former glory for Yashua's return!

"For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob." Hallelujah!

Please visit all areas of my store, and may God bless you!


OPENING SOON! Deb's Jewelry Boutique and Handcrafted Jewelry Store

T-Shirts, Pictures Frames and other Handmade Gifts

Handpainted Satin Banners for homes and churches

Handcrafted Tabrets for Worship and Dance

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